How many types of knives should I have?

In the market there are many types of knives for kitchen works and the best electric knives. The best electric knife has nine types of models. All the models are different in feature and specification according to their working ability. So you have to use them separately for different types of slicing and curving jobs in the kitchen. Sometimes you will find some models to be combo or three in one for slicing or cutting. Such as with the same model you can not only slice the items but also you will be able to curve or cut.


The same model may sometimes give you the feature to work on fish, meat, breed slicing. Again some of them will only work with the single item slicing such as vegetables or only chicken. Again there are some models which are used to slice only one item food such as sea foods. In this case you have to wisely choose the one model of best electric knife that can help you slice many more items at a time with the same model. If you have to ability then you should buy all the models of the best electric knife at a time. Here are the models that can help you to realize how many types of electric knife you should buy :

1.     Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife :
if you only want to slice meats and fish then you should buy this model of knife.

2.     Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Filled Knife :
If you want to slice heavy meats and fishes then you must have only this model of knife.

3.     Hamilton Beach Electric Carving knife :
If you want to curve fish, chicken or meat then you have to use the model of this knife.

4.     Mister Twister MT-1208 SW Piranha Knife :
If you want professional curve in raw meats or cheese then you should obviously use this model of knife.

5.     Proctor Silex 74311 Easy Slice Knife :
For slicing breads or cheese you cannot but use the model of this best electric knife.

6.     Elite Cuisine EK-570B :
It is a very simple model with which you can slice meats and breeds or sometimes franchise toasts.

7.     Maxi-Matic Electric Knife :
It will help you to slice vegetables and other simple items to slice easily.

8.     Black + Decker EK700 Electric Carving Knife : 
This knife has designed to slice cheese, chicken and meats.

9.     VonShef 110W Electric Carving Knife :
The model of this knife is professional for cooks who loves to make best slices of chicken and meats.


About the models you can choose any according to your choice of works. If you are professional in cook such as working in a restaurant then you should have needed all of the models of above. But as a housewife you should only choose one or two best models that can meet your demand for slicing or cutting at a time.

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